Answer distribution
SpeciallärareGeneral education

Choices for answers

  1. I have limited or very little knowledge about how ICT can support students’ individual learning. I do not use ICT to promote students’ individual learning. (value when calculating levels: -2.0)
  2. I have some knowledge of ICT-assisted individual learning, but I find it difficult to identify suitable tasks and working methods for my classes. (value when calculating levels: -1.0)
  3. I include individualised tasks in my education based on students’ needs and learning preferences, making use of information and communications technology. (value when calculating levels: 0.0)
  4. I plan individual working methods which make use of information and communications technology to identify and support individual students’ needs, choices and learning preferences. (value when calculating levels: 1.0)
  5. I plan individual teaching, where ICT encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning in order to control their own learning both within and outside the classroom. (value when calculating levels: 2.0)