Yearly report 2021

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Pedagogical use

Below is shown the questions that make up the section Pedagogical use.

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Positive answers
All answers
I would like to make more use of information and communications technology in education.
58 %
Students are allowed to use their own devices (such as laptops, smart phones, tablets) in my classes.
68 %
I personally use information and communications technology in most of my classes.
84 %
Students use ICT in most of my classes.
29 %
Students often produce different types of media contents (such as audio, video and images) in my classes.
18 %
I make use of digital portfolio work to assess students’ learning.
20 %
My students assess each others’ work using digital learning environments.
8.9 %
My students assess my teaching using ICT.
8.8 %
The parents of my students participate in the learning assessment process, making use of information and communications technology.
8.4 %
I use ICT to perform continuous assessment on my students’ learning.
35 %
I use data obtained from electronic assessment tools, i.e., learning analytics to continuous assess my students’ learning.
9.7 %
I teach my students various means to participate in society through the Internet.
32 %
I teach my students to understand and interpret various digital media contents.
71 %
I actively guide my students to use digital information search services (such as Google, Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha).
75 %
I often discuss with my students the reliability of information available on the Internet and how to use it appropriately (e.g. source markings).
79 %
I often edit information on the Internet (such as Wikipedia) with my students.
4.6 %
We also work with students outside the school buildings using mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop).
6.8 %
I make use of ideas from students when using information and communications technology in education.
50 %
My students collect a portfolio for themselves in the electronic learning environment.
21 %
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