Yearly report 2021

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ICT skills

Below is shown the questions that make up the section ICT skills.

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* = The question has negative effect on the competency level.

Positive answers
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I find good ways to utilize ICT in various learning situations.
64 %
I know how to utilize digital teaching materials in my teaching.
90 %
It is easy to make use of information and communications technology (ICT) according to the curriculum.
53 %
I guide my students to protect themselves against common information security risks and data loss.
63 %
My students know how to act in compliance with the fundamental principles of copyrights.
33 %
I guide my students to adopt ergonomic working postures.
47 %
I intersperse my students’ work with regular breaks to avoid making them sit for too long.
67 %
I regularly guide students to use the Internet responsibly and legally.
76 %
When I set up a new service or application, I always read its terms of use.
33 %
I am able to guide my students to produce animations (such as iMotion, Giphy, Animaatiokone).
25 %
I am able to guide my students to use virtual reality (VR) and/or augmented reality (AR).
6.5 %
I know how to print using a 3D printer.
10 %
My own ICT skills and competences are sufficient when compared with the objectives specified in the curriculum.
60 %
It is complex to find appropriate high-quality digital materials for the topics being taught. *
22 %
I am familiar with the principles of using Creative Commons licences.
42 %
I know how to use diversely a specific digital learning environment (such as Moodle, SanomaPro, itslearning).
82 %
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