Answer distribution
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Choices for answers

  1. I seldom search for and use digital learning materials for my teaching. I have limited knowledge of where to find digital learning materials. (value when calculating levels: -2.0)
  2. I search for and make use of digital learning materials that are well-suited to the topic being taught. I use digital materials that are easy to find online. (value when calculating levels: -1.0)
  3. I know how to search for and choose some sources of digital learning materials that students can use in support of learning. (value when calculating levels: 0.0)
  4. I am putting together a collection of high-quality digital learning materials, which students can access freely. Students can independently choose learning materials that support their own studies and needs. (value when calculating levels: 1.0)
  5. I combine several sources of digital learning materials, which are available to my colleagues and students. I teach my students to critically assess the digital learning materials that suit them best. (value when calculating levels: 2.0)