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Choices for answers

  1. I know that some contents found on the Internet are subject to copyrights, but I don’t know how these are defined and what materials can and cannot be used. (value when calculating levels: -2.0)
  2. I have basic knowledge of copyrights and Creative Commons licences, for example, but I don’t know how to use them in my teaching practice. I have not paid attention to this with my students. (value when calculating levels: -1.0)
  3. I want to use copyrights correctly for all the contents that I use and produce. However, I sometimes don’t know what would be the best way to comply with copyrights in practical terms. (value when calculating levels: 0.0)
  4. I comply with copyrights and also teach my students how to comply with copyrights and how to use different types of licences (such as by telling them about open sources and open licences). (value when calculating levels: 1.0)
  5. I make sure that my students comply properly with copyrights and licences (such as open sources and open licences, including Creative Commons). (value when calculating levels: 2.0)