Answer distribution
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Choices for answers

  1. I’m not sure how the use of ICT could support my teaching and my students’ learning. (value when calculating levels: -2.0)
  2. I find information and communications technology useful for preparing my classes and aim to include some in my teaching, but I’m not completely sure about its benefits in education. (value when calculating levels: -1.0)
  3. I think that the use of ICT can change the learning process and make my own teaching more effective. (value when calculating levels: 0.0)
  4. I think that the use of ICT enriches both my teaching and my students’ learning experiences. (value when calculating levels: 1.0)
  5. I think that ICT plays a key role in modernisation of teaching and students’ learning processes as well as in development of students’ learning outcomes and competences. (value when calculating levels: 2.0)